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Originally Posted in Features by on January 28, 2014
Veganarchism graphic by: Froztbyte
Veganarchism graphic by: Froztbyte

The debate between the merits of so-called lifestyle activism versus those of revolutionary action is a hot-button issue on the left. There are those content to begin and end their activism with ethical consumerism and lifestyle changes, albeit radical ones. Others argue that nothing less than a great structural upheaval in the form of revolution will bring about real change, and lifestyle changes will follow.

For the veganarchist, these two approaches to leftist activism are not mutually exclusive; on the contrary, together they create a praxis for change that is powerful and, importantly, consistent. Read the rest of this entry »


Economics is a Shell Game

ImageNews media writers and editors would have us believe that the decline of the Canadian dollar happening now is akin to Armageddon and that our life as we know it will change and that “consumers” and the retail sector will suffer.  The pro argument for the falling loonie touts increased manufacturing – more stuff for consumers to purchase.  It is a comical conundrum.

Is this indeed a forecast of devastation and sorrow?  Oh My!  What will we do?  Writer Neil McDonald of CBC thinks as Canadians we are “willing to rationalize being milked”

Our first thoughts go to the poor retail workers who will loose their jobs.  Selling stuff.  Working below minimum wage, considering their employers’ failure to provide benefits. Read the rest of this entry »